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Tarot ZYX-M Software V1.64 and Upgrading

Older software  address : Tarot ZYX-M FC softwareV1.0

New  software  address: Tarot ZYX-M FC softwareV1.64& upgrade manual

TAROT WIN USB Driver address:Tarot WIN USB Driver Installer

Upgrade date : software V1.0 (Main controller firmware 1.2) 6 th May. 2015

                              software V1.5 (Main controller firmware V1.4 ,GPS firmware V1.2+)25 th 6. 2016

                              Firmware update content :1.Speed up the search satellite ,compatible with the other satellites

                                                                        2.Improve flight stability 

                             software 1.64V (Main controller firmware V1.4,GPS firmware V1.2) 1th 1. 2017 

                             software 1.64V (Main controller firmware V1.5,GPS firmware V1.2) 4th 5. 2018