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Gimbal&Gimbal Parts
  1. Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal/30X 1080P+640 Thermal Imaging+People-Vehicle Tracking/Dual-sensor T30X-3AT
    39999 RMB
  2. Tarot 3-axis gimbal / 20x 1080P / Super starvision/ Night Vision Full Color T20X-3AB
    18999 RMB
  3. Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal/30X 1080P+Rangefinder Tracking+640 Thermal Imaging/Tri-sensor T30X-3ATL
    59999 RMB
  4. Tarot 3-axis gimbal/10x optical zoom/4K 800W pixels/Network output T10X-Plus
    3950 RMB
  5. Tarot 10X 3-Axis Gimbal/HDMI Output T10X-Pro
    2450 RMB
  6. Tarot 10X two-axis ball pod gimbal / Support Upright and Inverted / HDMI output T10X-2A
  7. Tarot 3-axis gimbal/640 thermal/visible/dual-sensor gimbal TL3T21
    16800 RMB
  8. Tarot 3-axis gimbal 640 thermal imaging camera TL3T20
    14800 RMB
  9. Tarot 26X optical zoom gimbal/2 million pixels/Network output/One button down T26X-NET
    6500 RMB
  10. Tarot 30x optical zoom gimbal/2.0 megapixels/HDMI output/with tracking T30X-HDMI
    12100 RMB
  11. Tarot 30x optical zoom gimbal/2 megapixel/network output/with tracking T30X-Net
    11600 RMB
  12. Tarot Gimbal Camera Mounting Frame for FireFLY XS TL3T12-05
    45 RMB
  13. Tarot GoPro Hero9 Metal 3-axis Gimbal/T-3D VI TL3T06
    999 RMB
  14. Tarot 360°adjustable 3-axis SLR Camera Gimbal TL3W01
    1980 RMB
  15. Tarot Fixed frame for gimbal(for GoPro Hero7) TL3T12-03
    45 RMB
  16. Tarot Camera Fixing Frame (For RunCam HD) TL3T12-02
    45 RMB
  17. Metal 3-axis gimbal camera fixing frame (For FIREFLY-8 SARGO-A8) TL3T12-01
    45 RMB
  18. 3-axis gimbal double hanging fitting(Suitable for FLIR and Gopro Gimbals) TL3T11
    35 RMB
  19. Damping pan/tilt ball/Large TL10A08
    28 RMB
  20. ManbilyM-1 Camera monopod hydraulic support ZYX35
    31 RMB