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  1. NEW
  2. Tarot FPV racing drone/10 inch carbon fiber frame / MARK4-10 TL1613
    205 RMB
  3. Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Quadrotor/All Aluminum Body/ With special battery M690A
    7900 RMB
  4. Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Quadrotor/All Aluminum Body/With empty battery compartment M860B
    9800 RMB
  5. Tarot Multirotor/Quadcopter/Long Endurance/H-Shape/All Aluminum Fuselage H720B
    10500 RMB
  6. Tarot Multirotor/Quadcopter/Long Endurance/H-Shape/All Aluminum Fuselage/With Battery H720A
    11500 RMB
  7. Tarot Propeller/FPV Three-Blade Propeller/FPV High-Efficiency Racing/7-inch 7035/Translucent Gray TL1615
    13 RMB
  8. Tarot 3-blade Propeller/FPV Racing Drone/Efficient Racing CW/CCW10 inch 1050/1pair TL1612
    25 RMB
  9. Tarot VR Goggles/FPV/1.2G/8CH Transmission/5 inch DVR Recording 1.2G-800D
    650 RMB
  10. Tarot Canopy/Multi-rotor center panel ABS plastic protective cover/TL2853
    85 RMB
  11. Amass MR30 Gold Plated Sheathed Plugs/European Standard/Two Pair TL3601
    7.6 RMB
  12. Tarot Thrower/433mhz Remote Control/Large Load 80KG/Quick Press/4-Stage TL6103
    3800 RMB
  13. Tarot head cover/multi-rotor center panel plastic protective cover TL2852
    55 RMB
  14. Tarot Antenna/Receiver-Transmitter universal/5.8G Transmitter Antenna/Lollipop TL1603
    35 RMB
  15. Tarot Propeller/21 inch high efficiency folding CCW propeller/2110CCW TL100D25
    28 RMB
  16. 马丁/Martin 螺旋桨/19寸碳纤正反桨/一体桨/1962 TL1701
    365 RMB
  17. Tarot Propeller/21 inch high efficiency folding CW propeller/2110CW TL100D24
    28 RMB
  18. Tarot Mount/12mm Metal Quick Release Parts TL1902
    65 RMB
  19. Tarot landing gear/Carbon fiber shock absorbing landing gear/Metal reinforced/25 to 16mm/quick release TL8X028
    136 RMB
  20. Tarot Propeller/21 inch Efficient Folding CW and CCW Propeller Holder Set/2110 TL100D26
    85 RMB