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  2. Helicopter Frame&Parts
  3. Gimbal&Gimbal Parts
  4. Eletronics Accessories
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  6. Sterling Engine Mode
  1. Tarot landing gear/Carbon fiber shock absorbing landing gear/Metal reinforced/25 to 16mm/quick release TL8X028
    136 RMB
  2. iSDT Dual Mode Dual Channel/Extra High Power Smart Charger/600W-20A/1-8S K4
    1198 RMB
  3. Tarot 10X two-axis ball pod gimbal / Support Upright and Inverted / HDMI output T10X-2A
  4. 马丁/Martin 螺旋桨/19寸碳纤正反桨/一体桨/1962 TL1701
    365 RMB
  5. Tarot Mount/12mm Metal Quick Release Parts TL1902
    65 RMB
  6. T10X-Pro
  7. Tarot emulator/G7 Phoenix emulator/22 in 1 wireless version TL9027
    43 RMB
  8. Tarot thrower/Dji PSDK mount/quick release type/large load 20KG/Two-stage Thrower TL6102
    5780 RMB
  9. Tarot Propeller/18 inch high efficiency folding CCW propeller/1865CW TL100D23
    26 RMB
  10. Tarot Propeller/18 inch high efficiency folding CW propeller/1865CW TL100D22
    26 RMB
  11. Tarot Wireless digital transmission/Radio module/Pixhawk flight control data transmission/long-range/RFD900A
    790 RMB
  12. Tarot Pixhawk Flying Hall Current Voltmeter/200A/High Voltage 12S TL3401
    85/85/90 RMB
  13. Tarot 3-axis gimbal/640 thermal/visible/dual-sensor gimbal TL3T21
    16800 RMB
  14. Tarot unpowered claw/drone mantis claw/six claws TL1901
    195 RMB
  15. Tarot T type Tripod Adapter/Metal Split/25 to 20mm TL4Q006
    41 RMB
  16. Tarot motor mount/wrapped 8 series motor mount/metal model/25mm TL25A3
    165 RMB
  17. Tarot 3-axis gimbal 640 thermal imaging camera TL3T20
    14800 RMB
  18. Tarot Helicopter Tail Rotor/600 Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor/Yellow and Black/96mm TL2105
    66 RMB
  19. Tarot shock absorbing sleeve/model air tripod rubber shock absorbing sleeve/20mm TL96022-03
    13 RMB
  20. Hobbywing buck module/external adjustable UBEC/2-6S/5V\6V 3A TL2681
    42 RMB