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Martin Propeller/26 inch Carbon Fiber CW CCW Paddle Set/2682 TL1851

Product:Martin Propeller/26 inch Carbon Fiber CW CCW Paddle Set/2682 TL1851


Price:560 RMB  




Product Description:
·Tarot Martin propellers are suitable for long-range multi-rotor models,with a measured performance increase of over 6%.
·New optimised wing design for improved performance and unique internal pressure moulding process of carbon fibre prepreg throughout
·Five-hour curing time, unique process for high strength and light weight rotor blades
·Allows the drone to stay aloft for longer periods of time and can be used with the Tarot 8110 motor

Product Parameters:
Fitted motor:Center shaft 10mm,symmetrical centre hole distance 4-M3/φ20
Total length of props:26 inches/660mm
Props weight/single: 49.3g
Thickness of props root:6.5mm

Product Specifications:
2682 Carbon Fiber CW Props(49.3g)×1
2682 Carbon Fiber CCW Props(49.3g)×1