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Tarot Precision Model/Stirling Engine/Alcoholic/Small/Opposed Twin Cylinder ST002-03

Product:Tarot Precision Model/Stirling Engine/Alcoholic/Small/Opposed Twin Cylinder ST002-03

Category:Sterling Engine Mode

Price:415 RMB  




Product Description:
·Tarot's latest ex-factory single/twin/multi-cylinder series of small Stirling engine precision models
·Made according to the working principle of hot air machines,all metal construction for safety and durability
·A unique and original shape, a popular fashion gift and private collection
·The whole engine is designed with a boiler, driven with an alcohol lamp, and works continuously for about 30 minutes with one filling
·One-piece design of steam passage and base plate for safety and durability
·Flywheel,power cylinder and power piston are all made of brass H59
·The boiler,base plate and connecting rod are made of aluminium alloy 6061,with an oxidised surface that does not change colour for a long time
·Other parts made of stainless steel SUS304

Instructions for use:
1.Place the engine model in a horizontal position.
2.Turn the flywheel gently by hand to check that it spins smoothly.
3.Add a small amount of alcohol to the alcohol lamp, do not fill it too full, and ignite the alcohol when it is safe to do so.
4.Move the alcohol lamp slowly under the heated end of the model engine.
5.After 30 seconds of heating, begin to gently toggle the flywheel by hand until it can spin on its own.
6.Do not touch the heating end or the boiler with your hands during the whole heating process (high temperature is dangerous!)

Product Parameters:
Whole machine:L23.2cm*W11.5cm*H11.5cm
Flywheel:diameter 40mm
Boiler:diameter 38mm,length 64mm
Alcohol lamp:diameter 24mm,height 41mm

Product Specifications:
Opposed Twin Cylinder enginex1

Alcohol lampx2