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Tarot GoPro Hero9 Metal 3-axis Gimbal/T-3D VI TL3T06

Product:Tarot GoPro Hero9 Metal 3-axis Gimbal/T-3D VI TL3T06


Price:999 RMB  



Note: This gimbal only provides the GoPro9 with added stabilisation, not power supply and video output.

Product Description:
·Tarot GOPRO T-3D Series metal 3-axis gimbal for GOPRO HERO cameras
·Industrial design with a fully CNC machined integral ribbed wall plate structure
·Bringing lightness and maximum stability
·Precise camera locking for high stability, even in harsh and extreme environments
·Tarot GOPRO T-3D metal 3-axis gimbal with excellent algorithmic control
·Built-in independent IMU for precise gimbal attitude control
·Integrated gimbal servo drive module
·Supports pointing follow and FPV working modes

Product parameters:
Camera type: GOPRO HERO 9                               
Input power: 3S-6S Li (11V-26V)
Operating current: 30mA (@25V) / 50mA (@12V)
Blocking current: 350mA (@25V) / 700mA (@12V)
Attitude control accuracy: ±0.02 degrees
Maximum controllable speed
Rotation direction (PAN) : ±200°/s
Tilt direction (TILT) : ±200°/s
Rolling direction (ROLL) : ±200°/s
Controlled rotation range
Rotation direction (PAN): ±330°
Tilt direction (TILT): -135° to +45°
Rolling direction (ROLL): ±48°
S-Bus/PWM receiver support
Operating ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Maximum external dimensions (LW): 107mm *91mm *109mm
Windows XP; Windows VISTA; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit); Win10

Product Specifications:
GoPro9 metal 3-axis gimbal (165g) × 1
Gimbal main control module (36×25×11mm) × 1
8P gimbal main control and gimbal body connection cable×1
5V output, receiver integration cable×1
USB module (27×21×7mm)×1
ZYX-M flight control connection cable×1