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Tarot mount/FPV monitor mounting bracket/Futaba T8FG remote control TL2925

Product:Tarot mount/FPV monitor mounting bracket/Futaba T8FG remote control TL2925


Price:25 RMB  



Product Description:
·Fully CNC machined from 6061T6 aluminium alloy
·Suitable for Futaba T8FG remote control centre of gravity adjuster and FPV monitor installation
·Optimised design for quick installation, free assembly of each pivot point height position and elasticity adjustment. Redefining the position of the centre of gravity

Related Product No.:
Futaba Remote Control FPV Monitor Stand TL2915
JR Remote Control FPV Monitor Stand TL2916
Double shoulder single hanging point remote control sling TL2875
FPV Monitor Quick Mount Bracket TL80019

Product Specifications:
Metal FPV monitor mounting platform×1(35×30×25MM) 12G
Metal mounting platform×1(101×23×25MM)33G
Metal antenna mounting platform×1(57×27×12MM)9G
M4*18MM cup head socket head screws×1
M3*12Mm countersunk head set height screw×1
M3 centre of gravity positioning ring×1

Q:Which monitors can be mounted?
A:Any monitor with quick release screw holes can be installed,the hole diameter is 6.0mm
Q:Is it possible to adjust the monitor viewing angle?
A:Yes. There are screws available for users to adjust the angle.