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8Channel receiver signal switch /PWM/PPM/SBUS/DBUS/S-BUS/Pixhawk TL2981

Product:8Channel receiver signal switch /PWM/PPM/SBUS/DBUS/S-BUS/Pixhawk TL2981


Price:63 RMB  



Product description:

     8-channel remote control receiver signal conversion module using 32-bit MCU to collect signals and conversion, the input signal automatically identified, without manual switching.
  1, enter the normal receiver signal, output PPM and S.BUS signal
  2, enter the PPM signal, output PWM and S.BUS signal
  3, enter the S.BUS signal, output PWM and PPM signal
With this signal converter, you can convert the PPM signal (coaching interface) of a normal remote control to a PWM signal (equivalent to a wired receiver, converted to a normal PWM signal for use with a normal ESC and steering gear)

Wiring instructions:
1-8 channel for the PWM signal input or output channel;
9th channel is PPM, SBUS input or PPM output channel;
Channel 10 is the output channel for PPM or SBUS.
The input signal is automatically recognized without manual switching.
1. When the PWM signal is input to any one or several channels in the 1 - 8 channel, the 9 channel will output the PPM signal and the 10 channel will output the SBUS signal (the indicator will flash 1)
2. When 9-channel input PPM signal, 1 - 8 channel will output PWM signal, 10 channel will output SBUS signal (indicator light flash 2)
3. When the 9-channel input SBUS signal, 1 - 8 channel will output PWM signal, 10 channel will output PPM signal (indicator light flash 3)

Product Specifications:
8-channel remote control receiver signal conversion(26 * 24mm) ×1