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Tarot quick release CW prop adapterTL68B35

Product: Tarot quick release CW prop adapterTL68B35

Category:FeiYue Tools

Price:12 RMB  



Product Description
  • 6061T6 Aluminum Alloy applied, full CNC processed.
  • Applicable motors: motor shaft less than 4MM, M3 Installation pitch 12MM.
  • To loose: turn the prop adapter counter-clockwise.
  • To tight: turn the prop adapter clockwise.
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  • Prop Adapter Top coverx1 (19.5x11.5MM) 2.5G
  • Prop Adapter Bottom coverx1 (18x7MM) 1.2G
  • M3x6MM screw x2 0.4G
  • M3x5MM screw x4 0.4G