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Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Octorotor/Training Exercise frame X8-Lite

Product:Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Octorotor/Training Exercise frame X8-Lite

Category:Multi-copter Frame

Price:1399 RMB  




Product Description:
·Tarot's new Training Exercise frame X8-Lite
·Extra large shelf and battery compartment design
·Add new fan type light motor mount, split metal tee mount
·The ultimate value for money has been developed to give back to the market and with the recommended configuration can be used to achieve a hover time of 40 minutes.

Product Features:
1: The X8-VUE is based on the original Tarot-X8 structure, with an upgraded shelving panel and a split-level shelving structure, with a double layer of independent space, easy to place and assemble, easily accommodating the power module system, flight control system, and digital transmission system.

2: Using the new battery under mount, the component adopts a one-piece perforated design to ensure a large space for the battery compartment and at the same time can extend the cloud platform under mount component (additional parts), eliminating the need to re-mount on the bottom of the battery compartment, can directly hang 155mm/165mm mount spacing head (other spacing can be customized to mount the bottom of the battery compartment, the battery plate preset a variety of holes)

3: Use the new lightweight fan motor mount, suitable for motors up to Φ44mm, open motor fixing slot, compatible with most of the motor hole fixing on the market.

4: Using the new carbon fibre shock-absorbing tripod, the split metal tee assembly, measuring 349mm in length longitudinally and 440mm in length horizontally, the reinforced metal tee component ensures the stability of the drone when landing, and the frame connector part is fixed with a four-point symmetrical hole position.

Product parameters:
Symmetrical motor axis distance: 1050mm
Diameter of centre plate: 333mm
Clearance height of landing gear: 377mm
Net weight: 1.70KG

Recommended configuration:
Motor: 6S 4012 320KV/Tarot Martin TL40P12
ESC: 40A/Tarot Hobbywing Custom Edition/XRotor-Pro-40A TL2930
Paddle: TAROT 1555 foldable prop holder set TL100D04
Battery: 22.2V 15000mAh
Take-off weight: 4.9KG
Hover time: 40Min

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Product Specifications:
[Spare parts kit 1].
X8-Lite body centre plate × 1

[Spare parts package 2].
X8 arm fixing metal parts/left × 8
X8 arm fixing metal parts/right × 8
X8 arm fixing washer × 16
X8 arm fixing bushing screws (M4) × 8
Small cap step screw (M3*8mm) × 32

[Spare parts kit 3].
X8-Lite battery mount plate × 1
Battery plate lower mount metal parts/integral ring clasp (120mm) × 4
Cup head hexagon socket screws (M2.5*6mm) ×16

[Spare parts kit 4].
Carbon fiber cross tube for tripod (Φ16*440mm) × 2
Carbon fiber longitudinal tube with metal mounting head (Φ25*349mm) × 2
Cup head screws (M3*8mm) × 4
Cup head hexagon socket screws (M3*10mm) × 4

[Spare parts kit 5].
Metal pipe clamp (Φ16mm) × 1
Metal pipe clamp (Φ25mm) × 1
Tension bolt ×1
Rubber shock absorbers for tripod (16mm)/black × 2
Rubber shock absorbers for tripod (16mm)/red ×2
Half-round head hexagon socket screws (M3*10mm) × 2
Cup head hexagon socket screws (M2.5*6mm) × 4
Countersunk head screws (M3*4) ×2

[Spare parts kit 6].
X8 arm tube (33*18*320mm) ×8

[Spare part kit 7].
X8-Lite motor mount ×8
X8 arm tube plastic sheath/top × 8
X8 arm tube plastic sheath/bottom × 8
Half-round head hexagon socket screws (M3*6mm) × 32
Water sticker ×8
Instruction booklet ×8