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马丁/Martin 螺旋桨/19寸碳纤正反桨/一体桨/1962 TL1701

Product:马丁/Martin 螺旋桨/19寸碳纤正反桨/一体桨/1962 TL1701

Category:Multirotor Props

Price:365 RMB  



Product Description:
·Tarot Martin propellers are suitable for long-range multi-rotor models,with a measured performance increase of over 6%.
·New optimised wing design for improved performance and unique internal pressure moulding process of carbon fibre prepreg throughout
·Five-hour curing time, unique process for high strength and light weight rotor blades
·Allows the drone to stay aloft for longer periods of time

Product Parameters:
Fitted motor:Center shaft φ4mm,symmetrical centre hole distance 2-M3/12mm
Total length of props:19 inches/487mm
Props weight/single: 25.5g
Thickness of props root:4mm

Product Specifications:

1962 Martin Carbon Fiber CW Props(25.5g) ×1
1962 Martin Carbon Fiber CCW Props(25.5g) ×1