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Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Octorotor/X8-II TL8X000-PRO

Product:Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Octorotor/X8-II TL8X000-PRO

Category:Multi-copter Frame

Price:2599 RMB  



Product Description:
New generation version of Tarot X8 Octa-axis UAV
Designed for professional aerial photography users
Equipped with new electric retractable foldable landing gear and umbrella-shaped foldable arm
More convenient and safe for the application oof integrated PCB board 
8 axis provided sufficient power, enables the high stability of UAV when one arm out of work
3.42kg of total weight
Portable and light
31 minutes of no-load hovering
Product Specifications:
Symmetrical motor wheelbase: 1125mm
Foldable props specification: 16 inches
Arm length (arm to motor base centre): 395mm
Arm weight (arm plus motor base): 122g
Diameter of centre plate: 335mm
Clearance height of landing gear: 490mm
Battery specifications: 25C, 22.2v, 22000mha
6S brushless electric adjustment: 40A
No load hover time: 31min (21.0v remaining battery power)
Working environment temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Net weight: 3.42kg

Package Content:
Central integrated disk × one
Single arm( Φ twenty-five × 355MM) × 8
Motor base tl96027 ×8
Electric stand( Φ twenty-five × 425MM) × 2
Foot drive tl8x002-02 ×1
Battery board (275 × one hundred and ninety × 1.6MM) ×1
Material package × 6
instructions × 1

Reference number of relevant accessories (to be purchased separately):
Rotor specification: 1655 foldable props package tl100d07
BLDCM: 4114/320kv multi-axis brushless motor tl100b08
Brush free electric adjustment: hobby Wing 40A tl2923
Battery specifications: 25C, 22.2v, 22000mhA
X series carbon fibre pattern head cover TL8X008