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Tarot Octa-copter signal/power board TL8X018

Product:Tarot Octa-copter signal/power board TL8X018

Category:Distribution Boards/Hubs

Price:159 RMB  





    Product Description:
    ·Tarot's factory-built eight-axis signal/power hubs are suitable for a wide range of eight-axis drone
    ·Fast coaxial power cable supply design
    ·Convenient Dupont signal integration makes it easy and quick to use the wiring
    ·In addition, 2 XT30 power outputs are provided to supply power to the multi-rotor flight control, wireless map transmission, etc.


    Before powering on for the first time, you need to test the positive and negative power supply and voltage output by yourself to ensure that it is completely normal before connecting it to the output device, the company is not responsible for any damage caused by this product!

    Product specification: 

    Eight-axis signal power hub
    Eight-axis signal power hub (with 200mm long 10AWG power cable) x 1
    XT90s anti-flash gold-plated with sheathing plug set × 1
    2P DuPont signal cable (450mm) × 8
    Coaxial power cable (450mm) × 8
    XT30 male × 2
    M6 heat shrink tube×9
    Insulation pad×3