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Tarot Amass XT90 Plug for Battery TL2889-04

Product:Tarot Amass XT90 Plug for Battery TL2889-04

Category:Wire /Plug Accessories




Product description:
     Amass XT90 non-slip plug, in response to the current market resistance to greater current plug requirements. 4.5mm gold plated banana plug, lightweight design, small size, large current resistance. Original design of the hollow plastic parts design, the use of high-speed air flow model of the initiative to heat the plug. Resistance to current 90A (continuous), 120A (peak), suitable for the need to withstand current ratio XT60 plug, but also need to plug the light weight and volume of small occasions. Such as 700 helicopters, high-current vehicles, such as ship model. Standard 6mm heat shrink tubing. Note: The mother end for the battery; male end of the power for the transfer, charger used.
Product Specifications:
   XT90 female × 3 (26 × 21.5 × 10MM)
   6MM jacket × 3 (30 × 6MM)