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Tarot Peeper I arm mount parts TL750SD5

Product:Tarot Peeper I arm mount parts TL750SD5

Category:PeeperI parts




Product description :
Applicable to the Peeper Series I unmanned aerial vehicles, the patented design of the arm-folding mechanism, tool-free folding motor arm can be fast control knob design, folding back all the arm tube, effectively reducing the UAV carrying volume . High-strength plastic motor mounts with damping function are designed to guide the wind cooling slot for the installation of the electronic governor in the oval tube to provide cooling function.
Product Specifications:
   Oval tube folding seat (57.5 × 35 × 21MM) 8.5G × 1
   Oval tube motor seat (82.5 × 33 × 35.5MM) 7.5G × 1
   H5 × 16.5MM hexagonal aluminum column × 4
   M1.6 carbon fiber motor fixed piece × 1
   M2.5 plastic gasket × 8
   M2.5 × 6MM Shaft sleeve screw × 8