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Radiolink Remote Control/12-Channel R12DS/SBUS AT10II

Product:Radiolink Remote Control/12-Channel R12DS/SBUS AT10II


Price:739 RMB  



Product Description:
·Radiolink factory AT10II 12-channel remote control
·Using DSSS and FHSS hybrid dual spread spectrum technology
·Low noise 7dBi high gain dual antenna 4KM long range control
·The AT10II also uses a 16-channel pseudo-random frequency hopping, QPSK modulation mode
·The perfect combination of interference avoidance and immunity
·Stability upgraded again for stable control in complex urban environments
·It supports all helicopters, fixed wing, gliders, multi-rotors, cars, boats, robots, mechs and all other models on the market

Product Features:
1.DSSS* and FHSS* hybrid spread spectrum
2.Low noise 7dBi high Gain* transmitter antenna:for stable control over a distance of 4 km
3.Dual antenna 12 channel receiver R12DS:SBUS/PWM dual signal output (double click on the frequency key to switch),compatible with all flight control on the market,full angle signal coverage
4.12 channels with simultaneous 3ms response time:for more responsive and smooth control
5.Full-featured all-model system:supports all helicopters,fixed-wing,gliders,multi-rotors,cars,boats,robots,mechs and other models on the market,with a total of 15 model storage groups
6.High precision,no jitter rudder,accurate response to commands:through the optimal PCB layout design,effectively reduce the interference of the switching power supply to the signal,the communication signal stability on the basis of the AT10 increased four times,the maximum stability of the rudder output jump for 1.84us,the conventional jump for 0.5us,stability is six times than similar products
7.Real-time data return:receiver integrated signal strength and receiver voltage data return,with PRM-03 OSD information return module,real-time return of flight and climb speed,aircraft altitude,latitude and longitude coordinates,attitude angle and other data,accurate grasp of equipment dynamics,can grasp all the information from the return information function
8.Powerful programmable mixer functions:advanced menu,multiple curve data.General mixing control,curve mixing control, all channels can be customized
9.Support simulator function:support all models of simulators on the market,flight simulation is not limited by the venue and weather,enjoy the fun of flying
10.USB online upgrade:a universal Android USB cable gives you unlimited possibilities with the AT10II
11.Ergonomic design:180*95*220mm size,0.95kg weight,suitable size and weight,just the right layout of the function switches,flyers can easily achieve long flight practice
12.Low power consumption to meet the needs of long-time operation:the use of high-efficiency switching power supply,to achieve green low consumption,3S lithium battery power supply when the operating current is only 105mAh,half of the similar products.1800mAh 3S lithium battery can last for 12 hours,long-time operation can also be fully powered
13.Thoughtful electronic anti-reverse plugging: using universal JST battery interface,7.4-15V wide voltage input!Supports 2S-4S lithium batteries,18650 lithium batteries or 8x5 batteries and all other types of batteries.
14.Multiple alarm alerts:low RSSI value alarm,low remote control voltage alarm,low receiver voltage alarm,low power battery voltage alarm.Sound and text prompts,giving you multiple protection for your settings

Product Parameters:
I:AT10II remote control

Size: 180*95*220mm
Channel Quantity:12 channels/10 channels
Remote control distance:DSSS&FHSS- 4000m in the air(actual control distance is related to the flight environment)
Operating current:<105mA@12V
Operating voltage:7.4~15.0V
Adjacent channel rejection ratio:>38dbm
Transmission frequency:2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
Modulation mode:QPSK
Channel Bandwidth:5.0MHz
Spread Spectrum Mode:DSSS&FHSS 67-channel pseudo-random frequency hopping low voltage alarm:self-setting
Battery compartment size:116x36x32mm
Model storage quantity: 15 groups of model data
Receiver support:12-channel R12DSM,R12DS(standard);10-channel R9DS,R6DSM;6/10-channel R6DS
II:R12DS Receiver
Remote control distance:DSSS&FHSS- 4000m in the air(actual control distance is related to the flight environment)
Operating current:38-45mA@5V
Operating voltage:3-10V
Signal output:PWM&PWM
Compatible remote control:AT10II/AT10/AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9

Product Specifications:
Radiolink Transmitter/AT10II [Mode1(orange/grey);Mode2(orange/grey) Four options]×1
OSD information return module/PRM-03×1
Power battery connection cable×1
Mini Pix/TURBO PIX cable×1
APM flight control cable×1
Throttle return accessory×1
Instruction manual ×1