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TAROT Transmitter Tray Wrist-rests TL2878

Product: TAROT Transmitter Tray Wrist-rests TL2878

Category:FeiYue Tools

Price:123 RMB  



Product Description
  • Applicable to TAROT Transmitter Tray
  • The plastic wrist-rests can be adjusted in different angles.  
  • The state intellectual property has been awarded the TAROT model.,ltd two patents. Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture 、copy 、use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit.
    China Patent Number: 2014301835748, 2014301375759, 2014202360399
  • Left plastic wrist-rest x1 (112x62x10MM) 22.5G
  • Right plastic wrist-rest x1 (112x62x10MM) 22.5G
  • M3x8MM Hex screw x4
  • Metal support x2(58x34.5x4MM) 6.0G
  • 3x6x6MM copper sleeve 0.7Gx2
  • M3x11MM Screw 0.8Gx2
  • Metal bolt supportx2 (53x40x6MM) 10.5G
  • M3 aluminum screw x2(26x11x9MM)
  • M4x10MM Hex screw 1.2Gx8
  • Left metal wrist-rest mount x1(113x80x4MM)36G
  • Right metal wrist-rest mount x1(113x80x4MM)36G