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Tarot Antenna/1.2G Transmission Y Receiver Transmitter Antenna TL1611

Product:Tarot Antenna/1.2G Transmission Y Receiver Transmitter Antenna TL1611

Category:Image Transmission/Camera/Antennas

Price:35 RMB  




Product Description:
·Tarot's new Y-type antenna;
·Suitable for receiving and transmitting 1.2G audio/video transmission equipment;
·The Y-type omni-directional structure of this antenna can effectively avoid the attenuation of transmitting and receiving signals;
·Ensure stable transmission of audio and video.

Product Parameters:
Transmitting frequency: 1200MHz
Receiving antenna: Y-type
Directionality: Omni-directional/transceiver general purpose
Horizontal flap width: 45°
Vertical flap width: 45°
Polarization: Circular Polarization
Impedance: 50Ω
Antenna Adaptor: Straight SMA/Internal Threaded Bore
Weight: 6.6g

Product Specifications:
1.2G/Y-type antenna ×1