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PEEPER 10X gimbal TL10A00

Product:PEEPER 10X gimbal TL10A00


Price:5005 RMB  



ZYX T10X, a great 3-axis gimbal for model aircraft enthusiasts, It provides a 10×optical zoom.The 1/3 CMOS sensor supports approx.4 million(2688×1520) effective pixels.

 Built-in IMU gimbal control module, specialized servo drive module

The Pan angel 420degree , support 3-6S input  。

Micro-SD card above, To avoid the rain 。

HDMI 1.4 HD output port 。

Apply to public security monitoring, power inspection, search and rescue, environmental law enforcement, remote sensing mapping, life exploration, etc 

Support  SBUS decode module upgrade port ,Used the Micro-USB wire connection to PC 

The state intellectual property has been awarded the TAROT model.,ltd five patents. Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture 、copy 、use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit。