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Tarot Parabolic device /S TL2961-01

Product:Tarot Parabolic device /S TL2961-01

Category:Landing Gear/Controller/Servo

Price:130 RMB  



Product introduction :
Metal parts are made of 6061 aluminum alloy, high-strength light weight, the whole weight of only 55 grams, can be mounted 8-10KG goods. Torque delivery is powerful, smooth rope lanyard as far as possible to reduce drag.
Steering gear for the permanent metal guitar MD752 digital servo, high strength, high precision, wear-resistant metal gear, high-quality Coreless Motor, Japan's production of raw materials shell, durable, heat-stable temperature reaches 120 degrees. Futaba servos using the same quality and type of Japanese imports into the potential, life of up to one million times.
By the servo control on and off, steering a channel controlled by the remote control, set the appropriate amount of travel in the remote control so that the dispenser can operate in the normal itinerary may cause servos burned.
Servo dispenser (including Servo MD752) × 1
M2.5 × 10MM inside the cup head hex screws × 4
M3.0 × 10MM inside the cup head hex screws × 4
Spacer × 8