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Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal/640 Thermal/Visible Light/Dual-sensor Gimbal/Net Output TL3T26

Product:Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal/640 Thermal/Visible Light/Dual-sensor Gimbal/Net Output TL3T26


Price:16800 RMB  




Product Description:
·Tarot TL3T26 is a professional-grade 3-axis dual-sensor gimbal for power inspection, firefighting and many other industries;
·It has a built-in independent IMU to precisely control the gimbal's attitude;
·Integrated servo drive module for gimbal;
·Supports both point following and FPV first view modes of operation;
·Equipped with professional grade 640 thermal imaging and 1080P visible light camera;
·It can be widely used in firefighting, forest public security, public security monitoring, search and rescue, environmental protection law enforcement and other industries.

Product Features:
·The gimbal supports wide voltage 3-6S input;
·Mechanical three-axis stabilized image,±0.02°stabilized image accuracy;
·Aluminum alloy structure design,light and strong,good heat dissipation performance;
·Highly optimized servo motor vector control algorithm;
·Net standard video output mode;
·RAN direction controllable angle(PAN):±125°;
·TILT direction controllable angle(TILT):-120°to +45°;
·PWM receiver support,control gimbal Tilt/Point,Visible light/thermal imaging PIP four mode switching;
·Movement thermal imaging output resolution 640*512,visible light output 1920*1080;
·Pseudo-color switching physical buttons integrated into the gimbal body hardware, supporting 20 types of pseudo-color switching;
·Weight 302g.

Packing List:
TL3T26 Gimbal ×1
Accessory Cable kit ×1