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Tarot Battery explosion proof bag TL2238

Product:Tarot Battery explosion proof bag TL2238

Category:Tote Bag

Price:22 RMB  





Product Description:
The lithium battery explosion-proof bag is made of imported fireproof fabrics, which can effectively isolate the battery from contact with the air when the battery is  burned or exploded by accident when charging, so as fire can be extinguished. By using our Lithium battery expolsion-proof bag, the loss cased by combustion and explosion can be significantly minimized.
In addition, the product quality and fireproof effect have been certified by specialized department.

Product Features:
·Patented product
·Imported fireproof fabrics
·Anti-explosion, anti-burn, anti-corrosion, anti-static
·Suitable for lithium battery charging protection and battery transportation protection

Product Specifications:
Color: silver
Weight: 139G
Size: 240×65×180MM