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Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Quadrotor/Lateral folding TL4Q770

Product:Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Quadrotor/Lateral folding TL4Q770

Category:Multi-copter Frame

Price:1560 RMB  






Product Description:
·Tarot's new folding Quad-axis frame
·A change in the usual umbrella-type folding structure using a new horizontal folding self-locking design
·Greatly improve the convenience of installation and transportation, using a large shelf design, easy to install a variety of electronic equipment
·Fast horizontal folding arm, easy to carry the whole frame
·Pull-out battery compartment design, quick installation of batteries
·Shock-absorbing motor mount to reduce the impact of motor vibration on the central flight control
·Split metal three-way motorized stand, solid bearing rack to the ground stability
·With the optimized configuration can make the hover time up to 50 minutes

Recommended Configuration:
Motor:6S 4114 320KV
ESC:Tarot ESC/hobbywing Custom Edition/XRotor-Pro-40A TL2930
Props:Martin paddle 17 inch 1755/Tarot TL2948
Battery:22.2V 15000mAh
Takeoff weight:3.4KG
Hovering time:40Min

Product Parameters:
Net weight:1.70KG
Symmetrical motor axis distance:770mm
Center plate diameter:190mm
Clearance height of landing gear:256mm
Motor installation hole spacing:Diagonal 16mm;Diagonal 19m;Symmetric four sides Φ25;Equilateral triangle Φ32

Product Specifications:
TL4Q770 frame set×1