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Tarot Multi-rotor UAV aircraft/Quad-axis/Lateral folding TL4Q990

Product:Tarot Multi-rotor UAV aircraft/Quad-axis/Lateral folding TL4Q990

Category:Multi-copter Frame

Price:1910 RMB  






Recommended Configurations
电机(Motor)Tarot 6S/6008/285KVTarot 6008/285KV motor TL60P08
电调(ESC)FLYCOLOR/60A/12SFLYCOLOR X-Cross HV3 12S ESC/60A TL5201-01
桨叶(Props)Tarot 2110Tarot 21 inch Folding CW and CCW Propeller Holder Set/2110 TL100D26
飞控(FC)Tarot ZYX40Flight Control System/Pixhawk2.4.8 ZYX40
遥控(RC)Radiolink AT 10IIRadiolink Remote Control/12-Channel R12DS/SBUS AT10II
电池(Battery)TATTU 22000mAh/6SACE TATTU 22000mAh 22.2V 6S 25C battery TL2267
Frame Parameters
  Parameter name     Parameter value  Parameter name     Parameter value                
  Empty aircraft weight     3.52KG  Wheelbase      990mm                
  Battery weigh    2.32KG  Unfolding wheelbase     1530mm
  Take-off weight    5.84KG  Folding wheelbase     509mm
  Max. wind resistance    Force 6 wind Center plate diameter      261mm
  Flight distance     4000米  Altitude (aviation)     512mm
  Frame height    3000米  
  Flight mode    Self-stabilizing,altitude setting,stay-behind,one-key return,etc.  
  Test environments    Sunny.35°C. Wind force 2  
 Drone endurance length is related to the test environment and battery capacity  
  Unloaded flight   40 min,10 sec.  
  Fully loaded flight   20 min,30 sec  

Product Description:
·Tarot's new quadcopter is a Multi-Rotor UAV Frame designed for professional aerial photography users;
·Novel folding landing gear(can be converted to quick release T-landing gear),and arm folding design;
·Overall lightweight,easy to carry and other features;
·Larger center plate and battery compartment space makes power supply,ESC and other wiring equipment faster and more convenient;
·Adequate mounting space for various flight control systems;
·Empty aircraft take-off weight about 5.8KG, maximum additional load 3KG;
·Easy to carry DSLR and other aerial photography equipment,with 40 minutes of unloaded long endurance stay time;
·Upgraded configurations can increase flight endurance.

Product Specifications:
TL4Q990 set ×1