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Tarot universal landing gear set/12mm TL800A01

Product:Tarot universal landing gear set/12mm TL800A01

Category:700/800 Helicopter Parts

Price:45 RMB  



Product Description:
·Suitable for GAUI X7/Tarot 600, 700, 800E/Carbon fiber chass is etc.
·Or assemble your own DIY landing gear for multi-axis models
·Multi-model and multi-structure composite use of Φ12MM pipe

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Product Specifications:
per landing gear base (110×35×27.5mm) × 2
Universal landing gear Y mount (40×30×18.5mm) × 4
Landing gear T-base(38×30×20mm) ×6
Landing gear tube A × 4
Landing gear tube B(Φ12)×2
Landing gear tube C(Φ12)×1
Landing gear tube D(Φ12)×2
Locking screw (M4×4mm) ×28