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ZYX CANON Control Cable ZYX32

Product:ZYX CANON Control Cable ZYX32

Category:ZYX Stabilizer series




 CANON Control Cable :
1.Supported devices: other models of 5D series 
2.Supported functions: shutter/picture recording
3.How to Use:
a. First, connect APP of your phone, and select camera brand “CANON” in “General Setting” interface.
b.  First connect Micro USB plug of control line with camera control interface on the inner side of pitch axis motor of stabilizer, and then fix the other end (with infrared lamp) on the stabilizer and align it with infrared access port of camera. 
(2) Operation:
a. Shutter (including focusing action): click “power button” to realize one-time capture.
b. Zoom: push driving lever on handle towards  “W” (up) to or “T” (down) to realize zoom.

Specification : 

    CANON control cable *1 
    Length :33cm
    Weight :12.5g