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Tarot Filter/1.2G LPF Low Pass Filter TL1610

Product:Tarot Filter/1.2G LPF Low Pass Filter TL1610

Category:Image Transmission/Camera/Antennas

Price:32 RMB  




Product Description:
·Tarot Low Pass Filter for 1.2G Transmission Extension;
·It can effectively reduce the interference of 1.2G transmission caused by the signals of devices with frequencies below 1.08GHz and above 1.36GHz;
·Enhanced long-distance sending and receiving of transmissions.

Product Features:
1.Small size,light weight,small insertion loss(0.5db),imported SMD components,durable;
2.Unique shielding design,beautiful and practical;
3.It has better passband ripple coefficient and out-of-band suppression capability;
4.Both ends of the gold-plated SMA connector(one end of the SMA female/external threaded hole;one end of the SMA male/internal threaded needle),double-sided circuit board design,high mechanical strength;
5.Under the same conditions,1.2G transmission distance and anti-obstruction is far better than 2.4G and 5.8G transmission,more suitable for long-distance and complex environmental video transmission;
6.The weight is only 5.3g.

Product Parameters:
1.2G LPF Low Pass Filter ×1