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Tarot Simulator/G8 Phoenix Simulator/40-in-1 Wireless version TL9027

Product:Tarot Simulator/G8 Phoenix Simulator/40-in-1 Wireless version TL9027


Price:43 RMB  




Product Description:
·The latest iteration of the 40-in-1 simulator dongle supports mainstream FreeRider, DRL, DCL and Liftoff FPV simulation software as well as Phoenix, XTR, G7, G7.5 and G8 software;
·Wireless capability;
·Can be used with most of the remote controls on the market (FLYSKY, RadioLink, MC6C, WFLY, Walkera Frsky X9D, etc.)

Product Features:
·The new 40 in 1 simulator combines all the functions of the old one and supports G8;
·With cell phone wireless simulator function;
·Does not require a serial number,directly activate the software with the console;
·The dongle hardware is not limited to several computers,but the activation of reakflight is limited to two computers;
·Install G8 to activate the emulator;
·Support XP,WIN7,WIN8,WIN10 system.

1.Some of the FPV games need to be installed in the steam game platform to pay for purchase, such as DRL, DCL and Liftoff software;
2.This product dongle device supports more simulation software, but the game content needs to be purchased separately by the user (buyer);
3.Mobile phone simulator function needs to traverse machine software Freerider support Android phones plus OTG adapter, dongle dial to G5-G7 block and then connect the OTG to cell phone.

Product Specifications:
40-in-1 wireless simulator ×1
3.5mm Audio female to square cable(120mm) ×1
3.5mm Audio female to round cable(120mm) ×1
3.5mm Audio Female to Dupont(160mm) ×1
3.5mm Audio Male to Male Cable(1.2m) ×1