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Tarot emulator/G7 Phoenix emulator/22 in 1 wireless version TL9027

Product:Tarot emulator/G7 Phoenix emulator/22 in 1 wireless version TL9027


Price:43 RMB  



Product Descriptions:
·This 22 in 1 wireless version of the simulator,can be applied to most brands on the market remote control[such as Futaba,FLYSKY,RadioLink,WFLY,Walkera, etc., according to the interface selection line]
·Operation via wireless connection
·Support not only the Phoenix simulator for practicing fixed-wing, helicopter and quadcopter drones, but also the popular FreeRider, DRL, DCL and Liftoff software in FPV
·Open FPV view and third-person view to enjoy flight simulation

Product Parameters and Support Description:
Gear 1: XRTG2 FM
Gear 2: G5-G7 Above
Gear 3: VRC
Gear 4:PhoenixRC

Audio cable support: FrSky X9D, MC6C, MC7, E7 ETO7 ETO6 ET16 HT-6A, etc;
Round head cable support:FLYSKY,WFLY,RadioLink,etc;
Square head cable support:Futaba
Wireless duplex cable:Mainstream remote control
Remote control support:Futaba,FLYSKY,RadioLink,WFLY,Walkera, etc.
Language support:Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,English (optional)
Installation environment: XP, windows7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows8, Windows10, Vista,Android

Product Specifications:
22 in 1 wireless emulator ×1
3.5mm audio female to square cable(120mm) ×1
3.5mm audio female to round head cable(120mm) ×1
3.5mm audio female to duplex(160mm) ×1
3.5mm audio male to male cable(1.2m) ×1