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PEEPER Z30X optical zoom gimbal/5 mp/ HDMI output Z30A5

Product:PEEPER Z30X optical zoom gimbal/5 mp/ HDMI output Z30A5





PEEPER Z30 times high-definition optical zoom three-axis gimbal  designed for industry applications, equipped with professional star-level optical zoom camera, in low-light environment to restore more screen details. The overall use of the whole CNC aluminum alloy structure of industrial design, bringing light and the strongest stability.

Built-in 30x optical zoom lens, aperture value: F2.0 using high-performance SONY 1/2 CMOS sensor, 30x optical zoom gives a new visual dimension, anytime, anywhere to capture clear, accurate large area search area. Make work more efficient, easy and safe.

have  2000Hz control frequency, dedicated decoupling EKF attitude algorithm and servo motor vector control algorithm, can control the jitter range of 0.01 degrees or less, so that the gimbal in the farthest focal length also has excellent three-axis image stabilization effect.

Unique GPS / gyroscope can control the stability of the direction of the axis, to prevent drift to bring the target shot missing. Its direction axis can be 360 degrees unlimited rotation, support 3-6S wide voltage input, with HDMI1.4 high-definition output port, set SD card slot, pitch axis and roller shaft waterproof level IP43, can defend against light rain.

PEEPER 30X the gimbal powerful zoom capability and Tarot X6 Ⅱ aircraft platform combination, clearly show the details of the distance, no need to close the target observation, wide angle and telephoto easily switch between. Will be 100 meters away from the scene clearly present, to achieve the industry users need integrated solutions.

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PWM / PPM / SBUS / DBUS signal conversion module
Product Specifications:
   500W zoom Gimbal  × 1 1000G
   Gimbal Tuning Module × 1
   Gimbal external GPS module × 1
   SBUS receiver cable x 1
   Serial cable x 1
   Shock protection metal parts