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Tarot FPV Monitor mount TL2877

Product:Tarot FPV Monitor mount TL2877

Category:FeiYue Tools

Price:215 RMB  



Product Description
  • Applicable to Tarot transmitter tray [TL2876].
  • 6061T6 aluminum alloy applied, full CNC processed.
  • Multiple functions: FPV monitor assembly and telemetry assembly.
  • The monitor can be adjusted in different angles.
  • Exquisite design and fast assembly.
  • The state intellectual property has been awarded the TAROT model.,ltd two patents. Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture 、copy 、use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit.
  • China patent number: 2014301835748/2014301375759/2014202360399
  • FPV monitor platex1 (220x116x4MM) 110G
  • Fix plate x2 (28.5x18.5x4MM) 1.9G
  • M3x8MM flat head screw x4 0.4G
  • M3x11MM cup head collar screw x2 0.8G
  • 3x6x6MM copper sleeve x2 0.7G
  • FPV monitor support plate x2 (182x46x6MM) 43.5G
  • M4x10MM half round hex screw x4 1.2G
  • M3 Quick release screw x2 (25x18x9MM) 3.5G