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Tarot 1.2G FPV 600MW R/TX TL300N5

Product:Tarot 1.2G FPV 600MW R/TX TL300N5

Category:Image transmission




  • 1.Weight: 15.2 G (without antenna)
  • 2.Dimension: 21×33×7.5mm
  • 3.Working frequency: 1060-1380 MHZ
  • 4.Channel: 4 bands / 8 channels
  • 5.3-DIP switch
  • 6.Output Power: 28dbm (600mw)
  • 7.Input Voltage: DC 7-26V (2-6S)
  • 8.Output Voltage: 5V 1A
  • 9.Antenna Adaptor: RP-SMA 50Ω
  • 10.Working Temperature: -10 ~ 60 degrees.
  • 11.Frequency: FM

  • Install the antenna before connecting the power to avoid further damage.
  • Choose proper working frequency and tune the receiver to the same frequency. Please refer to the channel list.
  • Do not touch the surface of transmitter while operating. It is normal the surface is getting hot.
  • The input voltage range is between 7-26V (2-6S), do not overload the working voltage.
  • The output voltage is 5V1A. Please confirm the current and voltage of the camera
  1. 2G FPV TX x1
  2. 2G FPV  RXx1
  3. 2.5MM AV cable x1
  4. 1.2g transmiter antenna
  5. instruction manual x1