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ZYX Sony Control Cable ZYX33

Product:ZYX Sony Control Cable ZYX33

Category:Gimbal Parts

Price:59 RMB  



Sony Control Cable :
1. Supported devices: RX series, H series, QX series and all-series mirrorless camera. 
2.Supported functions:  shutter/ picture recording/ zoom
3.How to Use: 
a.First, connect APP of your phone, and select camera brand “SONY” in “General Setting” interface. 
b. First connect Micro USB plug of control line with camera control interface on the inner side of pitch axis motor of stabilizer, and then connect the other end with “MULTI” interface of camera. 
c.Stabilizer should be switched on in prior to camera, or the camera may be out of control. 
(2) Operation: 
a. Shutter (including focusing action): click “power button” to realize one-time capture. 
b. Picture recording: double click “power button” to start picture recording, and then double click the button again to stop recording.
c.Zoom: push driving lever on handle towards “W” (up) to wide angle. “T” (down) to zoom. 

Specification : 

    Sony control cable *1 
    Length :35cm
    Weight :8.9g