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Tarot 5.8G Double receiver monitor TL2967

Product:Tarot 5.8G Double receiver monitor TL2967

Category:Image transmission




Product manual:
Tarot production of 5.8G 32-band dual-receive 7-inch high-definition FPV aerial display, the industry is very high integration of one of the monitors, and has a very small form factor, ultra-thin body, highly integrated internal procedures, the PVC RFA and RFB signal strength, RFA and RFB frequency, signal source, lock state, charge status (power) and other information, all designed to make people impeccable, the screen can directly display the receiver RFA and RFB signal strength.
Power supply: DC11-26V
Operating temperature: -10 to 60 degrees Celsius.
Menu language: Chinese, English
Wireless reception: 5.8G 32 channels
Receive sensitivity: -85 dbm
Viewing angle: 120 degrees / 70 degrees (horizontal / vertical)
Screen Type: TFT LCD Screen / long life, LED backlinht
Resolution: 800 × 480
Brightness: 400cd / m2
Aspect ratio: 16: 9 (can be set to 4: 3)
Receiving frequency: 5645-5945MHZ
Modulation type: FM / PLL
Antenna Interface: SMA 50Ω
Storage environment: -30-60 degrees Celsius
Power consumption: <8W
Signal format: N system P automatic identification system
Battery specifications: 18650 3.7 × 2
Support charging: support DC11-26V straight
Product Features:
   1. Can automatically search frequency, select the strongest signal frequency point of use;
   2. Can be used as an ordinary display, just through the av in interface to the video signal, switch to av in mode can be used;
   3. Can receive dual-frequency signals at the same time, all the way through the receiving screen display, the other way through the corresponding av out interface output to other monitors;
   4. Can be placed in the product within the lithium polymer battery directly to balance the charge, easy to use;
   5. Has a stopwatch timer function;
   6. Screen lock function, can be set up to avoid unnecessary misuse;
   7. Can be screen flip for different requirements of the location of the installation requirements.
Product Specifications:
     5.8G 32 - band dual - receive 7 - inch high - definition FPV aerial display × 1
     Power adapter × 1 (input: AC 100-240V, output: DC 12V × 2A)
     Standard 5.8G receiving antenna × 2
     Video input line × 1, video output line × 1
     DC IN line × 1
     User's Manual × 1
     Outer packing size (236 × 168 × 102mm)
     Display size (181 × 129 × 39mm)
     Net weight: 510g