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BC168 Lithium battery balance charger/discharger/high voltage 4.35V/1-6S TL2266-02

Product:BC168 Lithium battery balance charger/discharger/high voltage 4.35V/1-6S TL2266-02


Price:368 RMB  




Product Description:
This newest model BC168 charger,designed for lithium and lithium-iron batteries,can accurately charge,balance, discharge and measure multiple batteries.
Product Functions: 

1.Adopt parallel independent charging mode to ensure the voltage of each battery cell is accurate
2.Maximum 8A charging, power up to 200W, true six-way independent balanced charging, continuous 8A current output
3.With a large LCD display with cold backlight display, while displaying 6 battery data at a glance
4.This charger use high-precision battery detects PCB, the voltage control accuracy reach ±0.001V.the current control accuracy reach ±0.1A based on any situation of the battery.Once finished the discharge,the voltage tolerance of battery will be ≤0.002V
5.Comprehensive protection circuit, input overvoltage, reverse connection protection, output reverse connection protection, when the charger detects that the voltage of a circuit has reached a preset value, this circuit will be locked to stop the charging circuit, so that your battery does not have to worry about overcharging
6.Four keys are used to control all functions, three of which are multi-function keys, which can perform four functions of charging, fast charging, discharging and balancing with just one key press
7.Parallel charging board using 2oz copper thick process, double-sided thickened alignment, greatly enhance the over-current capacity
8.Fully automatic temperature-controlled cooling design, the charger automatically starts the cooling fan when the internal temperature of the charger is too high, and the speed is automatically adjusted with the temperature change. If for some reason the temperature limit is exceeded due to poor heat dissipation, the charger will suspend charging (to prevent device damage) and resume charging automatically when the temperature drops back down.

1.Using the parallel charging board can simultaneously charge 12 2S,or 8 3S,or 4 4S,or 4 5S,or 4 6S interface batteries,can achieve multiple batteries of the same type and charging
2.When using the parallel charging board, only the same number of batteries can be charged at the same time (example: 2 3S batteries can be connected at the same time, but not 1 3S and 1 4S batteries can be connected at the same time)
3.Before using the parallel charging board to charge multiple batteries in parallel, it is necessary to detect the voltage difference between each battery pack, in order to reduce the damage to the battery, when the difference is too large, it is recommended to balance the charging of a single battery first, and then use the parallel charging board to charge, otherwise it may burn the parallel charging board or battery pack

Product Parameters:
Input voltage:11-15V DC(preset 12V)
Input power supply power:300W
Charging power:201.6W(33.6W*6Cells@Cells=4.2V)
Discharge power:775.6W(12.6W*6Cells@Cells=4.2V)
Balance power:201.6W(33.6W*6Cells@Cells=4.2V)
Charge voltage adjustment range:1.5V-4.35V (4.2V preset)
(To adjust 4.2V to 4.35V,press and hold the [DISCHARGE button] on the voltage adjustment menu)
Charging current adjustment range:0.1A-8A (preset 3A)
Temperature alarm adjustment range:20℃~80℃(preset 80℃)
Discharge voltage adjustment range:2V-4.2V(preset 3.8V)
Discharge current adjustment range:0.1A-3A (preset 3A)
Balance voltage adjustment range:2V-4.2V (preset 3.8V)
Balance current adjustment range:0.1A-8A(preset 3A)
Charging voltage accuracy:±0.001V
Discharge voltage accuracy:±0.001V
Balance voltage accuracy:±0.001V
Charging conversion efficiency:≥80%
Charger power consumption:≤1.2W(12V 0.1A)
Support battery type:1-6S(support LiPo/Lilo/LiFe) 
Input power cable:18AWG high temperature resistant silicone cable

Product Specifications:
BC168 charger×1
Parallel charging board×1