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Peeper I long-time drone come with gimbal / combo set TL750S2

Product:Peeper I long-time drone come with gimbal / combo set TL750S2

Category:Multi-copter Frame




Peeper unmanned aerial vehicle is a technical standard for long voyage unmanned aerial vehicles to decrypt. This series has mechanical exposed skeleton aesthetics design features to the movement of red and black metal primary color combination of the chassis. The long flight time as the primary goal of design, both fast start, easy to carry disassembly, high-speed stable movement of the flight. Applications include urban security, road, fire, forest search and rescue, power lines and so on.Multi-function control panel has a power button, plug in the power battery, touch the button to unlock power, and through the control panel battery indicator to understand the current battery capacity (in the case of 4S)
Power battery replacement is convenient. The battery can be used 6S / 22.2V / 10000MAH-15000MAH between (with the battery compartment size: length 180MM / width 65MM, side-mounted battery) before departure, check the body gravity reference position to achieve the longest time left blank.The same patented design of the arm rapid folding mechanism, tool-free folding arm can be fast arm of the arm design, all the arm tube folded back, effectively reducing the UAV carrying volume
Light weight of the rapid folding tripod, the state intellectual property rights have been granted TAROT model Co., Ltd. This product patents. Its structural design is simple and light weight, a single group of 15 grams net weight, but also has superior durability.T6 aluminum alloy oval design of the industrial-grade arm pipe, with a light wind resistance is small, effectively reduce the body vibration, positioning and other advantages of positioning, while built-in 40A high-speed electronic governor, perfect with wind cooling design, with Damping function of high-strength plastic motor mount.
The standard Martin series brushless motor and light Martin folding rotor, inherited the TAROT long-endurance UAV's core technology. After a long period of testing and tuning, with high efficiency and low temperature characteristics, power output performance is superior. TAROT to sophisticated CNC milling machining technology, high standard manufacturing this motor, single motor weighs only 71 grams.Intelligent power management system, multi-axis unmanned aerial vehicles will be the power and signal distribution to the motor, flight control, PTZ, image transmission systems. Increase the safety lock function when starting to avoid accidental operation caused by accidents. When the UAV is not running in 30 minutes, the current is below 3A, it will automatically shut down, so as to avoid over-discharge of lithium batteries.
Peeper  I set of machines standard configuration:
The fuselage of the peephole
17.5 inch Martin folding carbon fiber paddle TL2948 × 2
Long - time brushless motor of Martin
40A brushless electronic governor × 4
Power distributor
Power Manager × 1
Chinese and English manual × 1

Package size  : 60cm *25cm*14cm 

Weight (included package box) :1.88kg

The state intellectual property has been awarded the TAROT model.,ltd five patents. Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture 、copy 、use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit。
 Patent number : 2014201546579

 Patent number : 2016206872624

 Patent number : ZL 2016 3 0284729.6

Specification :

 Diameter :750mm
 Frame Height :258mm
 Main blade length :210mm
 Main blade diameter :440mm
 Weight (without battery):about 1.28kg