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FLYCOLOR X-Cross HV3 12S ESC/60A/80A/120A/160A TL5201

Product:FLYCOLOR X-Cross HV3 12S ESC/60A/80A/120A/160A TL5201


Price:286/376/466/566 RMB  



Product Description:
FLYCOLOR factory X-Cross HV3 series support 5-12S voltage input 60A/80A/120A/160A ESC,specially designed for multi-rotor development and design,high-performance core MCU operating frequency up to 64MHZ,can be ultra-fast response speed,compared to the previous generation to improve performance by 25%.

Product Features:
1.Aluminum alloy heat sink,which can effectively reduce the temperature rise(where 120A/160A is a double-layer heat sink).
2.Multiple protection,support temperature protection,low voltage protection,blocking protection,low speed power protection,current protection.
3.Support multiple signals:support ordinary PWM throttle mode (1-2ms) pulse width input,Oneshot125(125-250us), Oneshot42(41.7-83.3us)and Multshot (5-25us);support for all Dshot and Proshot digital signals.

Product Parameters:
Input voltage:5-12S LiPo
Continuous current:three adjustable 5.0V/6.V/7.4V(adjustable by jumper cap)
Output current:60A/80A/120A/160A
Instantaneous current (10s):80A/100A/150A/180A
Product weight:25.5g/25.5g/132g/132g
Product size:55x28x10mm/82x34x21.1mm

Product Specifications:
X-Cross HV3 60A/80A/120A/160A ×1