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Tarot Paddle holder/Metal folding paddle holder/15mm\22mm/Black TL100B20

Product:Tarot Paddle holder/Metal folding paddle holder/15mm\22mm/Black TL100B20

Category:Motor Mount/Quick Release/Fixing Parts

Price:26 RMB  



Product Description:
·Tarot new folding paddle holders
·Fully CNC machined from 6061T6 aluminum alloy
·Suitable for all types of motors with symmetrical screw hole center distance of 15mm/22mm
·A Φ6 to Φ4 bronze bushing is provided for easy interchangeability between Φ6/Φ4 motor shaft installations
·This metal paddle holder is easy to install
·Folding paddle can be used with various models to make more efficient

Product Specifications:
Metal folding paddle clip upper seat/Black(59*18*4mm)(4.7g)×1
Metal folding paddle clip lower seat/Black(59*18*5mm)(9g)×1
Copper bushing(Φ6 to Φ4)×1
Cup head sleeve screw(M4*12mm)(1.56g)×2
Cup head screw(M3*6mm)(0.81g)× 4
Teflon gasket(Φ10*Φ4*0.6mm)× 4