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Tarot Metal digital pitch gauge TL80018-02

Product:Tarot Metal digital pitch gauge TL80018-02

Category:FeiYue Tools




Product description :
TAROT independent research and development of the new AP900 digital pitch gauge, for unbalanced wing and a balanced wing helicopter, the use of digital gyroscope can automatically detect the angle of the rotor, the white backlit LCD screen display rotor angle measurement. Shell with 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC processing, so that the detection angle is more accurate, TAROT optimized design, relative to the plastic models only increase the weight of 1.5 grams.
Product Features:
   1. The use of backlit LCD display, removable split design.
   2. With automatic screen reversal function.
   3. Automatic detection of horizontal angle.
   4. With delay angle zero and lock function.
   5. Can detect angle range ± 60 °
   6. Applicable 200-800mm main rotor.
   7: built-in power-saving features 8 minutes after the standby power will be shut down.
   8: 6061T6 aluminum alloy housing

   Body Dimension : 110x53x15mm
   Suitable blade width : 20mm-72mm
   Detectable pitch range :±60°
   Resolution : 0.1°
   Battery Cr2032 Lithium x2
   Weight(including battery) :43.5G