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Tarot remote control lithium battery/3S/11.1V/2200mAh/8C/Ten9/JR TL2713

Product:Tarot remote control lithium battery/3S/11.1V/2200mAh/8C/Ten9/JR TL2713





Product Description:
    Tarot factory specially configured for the model remote control lithium battery,2200mAh large capacity can ensure that your model in the flight process of the remote control full of power

Product Parameters:
Battery capacity:2200mAh
Single piece rated voltage:3.7V
Single cell full voltage:4.2V
Battery pack rated voltage:11.1V(3S)
Battery pack full voltage:12.6V(3S)
Continuous discharge rate:8C
Continuous charging multiplier: 1C
Charging interface type:Balance head
Discharge interface type:JST,JR,Dupont head
Applicable remote control type:Radiolink AT9S,AT10II,T8FB,RC4GS,RC6GS,MC6 remote control,WFLY 8 9,D10 and other remote controls

This product is only suitable for use by persons over 18 years old,and the following instructions must be read carefully before use.
1.Only remote control lithium battery use,not suitable for power aircraft power supply use.
2.Please use the charger with lithium battery balance charge function,charging plug for 4P line balance plug,do not use 2P line JR plug plug into the charger.
3.This product does not come with overcharge and overdischarge protection board,and must be charged with a qualified balance charger for lithium battery with overcharge and overdischarge prevention.
4.The charging current is 1-2A,the full voltage of the single cell is not higher than 4.2V, and the discharge cut-off voltage of the single cell is not lower than 3.0V.
5.Remote control please set 10.8V low voltage alarm.
6.Forget to turn off the remote control for a long time,it will lead to battery damage.
7.Please maintain the battery voltage at 10.8-12.6V as much as possible.
8.Long-term storage voltage is recommended at 11.4V (3.8-3.9V),check the voltage once in half a month,low voltage please charge in time.
9.Battery discharge and charging process in the middle of the temperature can not be higher than 50 ℃,the temperature is too high may lead to battery degradation plus cracking expansion in may even cause an explosion or fire,the temperature is too high must immediately stop charging or stop using.
10.Do not disassemble,puncture,impact,collision,short-circuit the battery by yourself.

Product Specifications:
Remote control lithium battery/3S/11.1V/2200mAh/8C×1