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Damping pan/tilt ball/Large TL10A08

Product:Damping pan/tilt ball/Large TL10A08

Category:Gimbal Parts

Price:28 RMB  



product Description:
·Suitable for 10-30 high magnification high-definition zoom pan-tilt damping
·Imported rubber material
·Ultra-thin hollow smooth inner hole
·Filled with a damping liquid inside sphere to dissipate the vibration energy of the instant impact
·Real water ripple nemesis
Product Specification:
Shore hardness: 25HA 
Upper mounting hole:9MM
lower mounting hole: 8MM 
Please use extrusion type to pull the structure to install more effectively.
150-250 g is the recommended weight of single ball.


It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the sphereforcefully to cause leakage of the damping liquid. Use upward pull duringinstallation and pull downward during disassembly. The sphere needs to bereplaced regularly to avoid failure.

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Product Specifications:
Damping ball(17.5*34*1.0)4g ×2